IBC exchange

Exchange Introduction


  • IBCex "DAC" is decentralized autonomous physical company incorporated in US
  • IBCex managed by an "ICO"  token | shareholders
  • IBCex will register companies in US, China, Japan and Switzerland according to a Roadmap
  • IBCex provide with exchange services for fiat, cryptos and other pegged assets
  • IBCex provide NO RISK Handshake protocol with NO OWNERSHIP (by an IBCex) for assets exchange
  • MultiSig wallets co-signed by a user makes an exchange more secure
  • An exchange service will enable P2P Tellers Pool for C2C service
  • Price & Liquidity will be achieved through an integration with all important market players
  • Derivatives trading Futures & Options on crypto-currencies and other pegged assets
  • "Savings Accounts" are formed from the margin trading and Blockchain integrated
  • Pegged assets are hold in separate seggregated accounts and used as a collateral for trading
  • Pegged assets are fully collaterized by the median price of IBCcoin on external exchanges
  • IBCex will accept Market Maker Financial Gateways
  • IBCex will act as an intermediary | trust for creating and managing physical companies
  • IBCex will create affordable Whitelabel solutions to promote IBC, liquidity and exchange 


Spot, futures & options on cryptos and pegged assets  

 fiat, indexes, gold , indexes or any type of asset 

 which Financial Gateway Counterparty can secure as a 

 collateral for trading and appropriately licensed

  •                                        B2C, C2C Lending 
  •                                        B2C, C2C Remittance
  •                                        ETF crypto trading
  •                                        ETF custom trading
  •                                        VWAP arbitrage
  •                                        Futures & Options
  •                                        Crypto & custom Derivatives
  •                                        FX trading for a licensed areas
  •                                        "DACs" shares trading
  •                                        Wire & Cards Payments


P2P Crypto Exchange service is secured by a co-signed wallet parties with IBCex signature.

Funds are released by IBCex when a SmartContract complete 

(relevant confirmations level achieved) 

  • B2B Crypto exchange will operate on deposit wallet mode following KYC/AML procedures
  • When exchanging fiat for crypto, the cryptos are being released immediately upon a funds allocation (the payment or P2P Teller notification)
  • Transaction fees are included in the exchange price
  • IBCex will monitor and arbitrage the Market in order to provide with a Best Price
  • An exchange will support the crypto deposits, wires and/or FX wires
  • An exchange will try to penetrate all major markets with own branches


  • IBCex will create a company in any given jurisdiction according to a Vote Protocol of the coin holders
  • IBCex will manage a company on behalf of the shareholders by a Vote Protocol until further notice
  • IBCex will legalize and physically records shares of the company upon a request
  • The shares can be traded on IBCex
  • Service nodes can perform 2 kinds of service Anonymous transactions and Computation Tasks
  • Financial Gateways are subject to legislation and participate in Profit Sharing

Smart Contracts

  • Smart Contracts compatible with IBC and Ethereum blockchains
  • Smart contracts can be used for an event notary, betting , clearing ...etc 
  • Smart contracts dashboard will filter all activities by asset type and volume
  • Smart contracts use Miner Pools for an Event notary|verification http request verification or for other computational output
  • Miner & Service pools can be used for other computational tasks and quotes with a fee independently
  • We are building custom deployment systems for an environment setup and a specific flows.
  •  Cloud deployment and Grid computations SaaS

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