IBC coin

Blockchain introduction


"IBC ledger" is an open source decentralized PoS platform with a smart contracts verification

The ledger will secure/escrow multiple assets, Derivatives, Savings Accounts and Companies.

The ledger manage multiple crypto wallets,ERC20 tokens and Smart Contracts execution

The ledger is capable to accept 100 000 transactions per second (100k TPS) 

Each block consist of up to 20 000 transactions and issued each 3 minutes

The ledger verifies transactions based on a 60%  Miners Consensus 

"IBC coin" has a deflationary fixed cap of  a 108 millions coins

Miners reward is 50 coins per block

Low transaction fee as 0.001 IBC

The Coin

"IBC" coin is divisible to 6 digits

Since we are strive to make the world better and save an energy/oil consumption aka "Green Coin", we ironically called "IBC" coin portions as watts 0.000001 Wt and kilowatts 0.001 kWt 

Coin has 2 states spendable and pegged, which used as a collateral for Smart Contracts, "ICOs"  ...etc

Coin holders can earn  up to 30% yearly by a NO-RISK lending to  traders

Coin holders can act as a P2P teller and  earn a 2% commision

Coin holders can participate in "ICOs" and to manage physical companies, exchange shares and assets

The price of the coin will soar up starting  from  1 IBC  = 100 USD after "IBCex" gateways launch


Miners are an essential part of the eco system with abiliity to vote & coordinate Blockchain features

Mining is available with a low-resource machines - LOW ENERGY CONSUMPTION

Miners Pool is LIMITED to 10 000 hosts and until pool complete miners can gain  1000 coins daily !!!

Miners one-time fee is 5000$ and as Low as 50$ monthly on joining to the IBC Mining Cloud Pools

"IBCcoin" will provide with easy setup and a possibility to join IBC Cloud Mining Pools

* No setup required in MiningCloudPool - an automated instance setup

1/3 of the funds is available immediately, 2/3 are frozen for 6 month

Miners receive Transaction Fee of 0.001 IBC per transaction  - up to 5 000$ DAILY on big volumes

Service Nodes

Can act as Notary, Arbitrator, Computational Unit, Payment Gateway or an Anonymous transactor

Smart Contracts income depends on a computing power of the Service Node

Other types fee is negotiated and acceptable by a Node's decision

"IBCcoin" will provide with an automated procedures to enter the relevant pools

*NO SETUP is required - only "IBC" coin holdings amount by a Pool Criteria

Anonymous transactor shares 45% of the Miners fee


Blockchain is operated by a NON PROFIT DAO "IBCcoin Foundation" 

IBCex "DAC" is a physical Decentralized Autonomous Company managed by ICO share|token holders 

"IBCcoin",ERC20 tokens and pegged assets like USD,BTC  are operated through 

IBCcoin and Ethereum blockchains

"IBCcoin" will provide 2FA verification on demand and Handshake protocol for assets swap

"IBCcoin" will provide with private dashboards, voting and messaging for created "DACs"

Blockchain is regulated by an "IBCex" shareholders,miners and coin holders through a voting mechanism

The Voting math 45% "IBCex" shareholders, 45% miners, 10% coin holders